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CAMEL Sport-BH Damen Ohne Faden Yoga BH Sport Büstenhalter 3D Voll-Umschlag 5 Farbe Für Yoga Laufen Fitness Jogging

12,99 €28,30 €(Du sparst 54% bzw. 15,31 €)
Größe: M (Fit for 30D 32D 34A 34B 34C)
Farbe: Hanf-grau
Versand: 0,00 €

Camel have attracted numerous fans with their rich brand culture,and fashionable in Europe and America. Camel represents the spirit of personality, courage, persistence and exploration, and gave the product a different connotation. When you accompany Camel, active factors are stimulated and light your cravings. Urban people rush to the embrace of nature and awaken another emotion to find another themselves.

Products Features

1. Extra widen elastic button to provide support for bra, avoid loose or displace during excise.
2. Adjustable straps to meet your comfort. Two durable non detachable mental interface on side, prevent strap break while doing sport.
3. Quick-drying fabric with honey comb sweat design on front and back, highly breathable, moisture wicking, keep the skin dry and comfortable
4. Seamless weaving without stitching,perfectly parcel skin, more natural and comfortable to wear.
5. No rims, micro-bomb full cup with double UU elastic belt, enhanced parcel to reduce the amplitude, safety and medium shockproof
6. Without pads, more breathable and cozy, suitable for yoga and pilates
With pads, more cohesive and shock resistant for running and aerobic exercise
Removable pads are also convenient to clean and replace.

ATTENTION: When purchasing, please refer to the size chart in the picture, please choose the right one according to your own situation

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